How It Works

Fashion is all about self-expression, and there are few better ways to express one's self than through their support for local initiatives.  When you wear Love Hope, you have the option to choose from four, uniquely identified causes. 


These colors are a recurring theme throughout our products, and represent your chosen cause in a unique and personal way that serves as a conversation piece every time someone asks "where did you get that?".

Your cause is represented in a few different ways, so lets get started on making you an Ambassador of Hope!


Elastic Bracelets -

how it works - elastic

Browse our collections to find your favorite styles and designs, then chose your cause. All of our bracelets are designed in-house and threaded with 8.5 pound-test elastic that is the color of your cause. This way you can make any style, stone, and design represent your cause. 

Rosary-inspired and  other link accessories - 

rosary-inspired crystal

Our linked bracelets, like the Rosary-inspired bracelet above, represent your cause with a cause-colored crystal. 

Garments -

ambassador of hope charm

On the left sleeve of the garment, we sew our Ambassador of Hope Charm in thread that is the color of your chosen cause.