Developmental Disabilities

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that 25% of high school students with developmental disabilities do not graduate? Lack of options for education and employment cause negatively life-changing and -limiting consequences for the millions of individuals with developmental disabilities. The current unemployment rate among this demographic is over 80%.

     Unfortunately; health, and psycho-social research of individuals with developmental disabilities is not much better. Health studies in 2015 also show the following: 50% have chronic high blood pressure, and much higher probabilities of acquiring diabetes than the general population, as well as being 10 times more likely of becoming victims of assault, and 24% report feelings of depression due to lack of social relationships.

     The WOW Center is an Adult Day Training center that was organized in the early 1970's. Through their many established work and educational programs, The WOW Center offers guidance and encouragement to adults with developmental disabilities in regards to personal choices, abilities, and independence.

     Among the many others; programs such as their music therapy, community based education, supported employment, and the Aktion Club introduce and prepare these individuals into and for real-life scenarios by teaching them much needed skills they may not otherwise be able to acquire, such as: interpersonal and leadership skills, employability skills, communication, self-esteem building, independence, safety precautions, motor skills, and generalization of skills.

     By showing individuals with developmental disabilities that there are many ways to be part of the social fabric of their community, and teaming up with great organizations such as publix, Baptist Health South Florida, Taco Bell, Los Ranchos, Greenday Gardens, Johnny Rockets, and Dolphin Malls Charcoals, these individuals are able to set goals and find purpose in a world that had for so long seemed to have just been passing by.

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