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that as you read through the rest of this page, foster youths across South Florida are moments away from aging out of foster care and are wondering if they will be one of the 22% of foster youths who will become homeless this year? Unfortunately, it doesn't get easier for foster children in the early stages of foster care either. On average, foster children experience up to two home placements per year, as much as 65% switch schools more than seven times before graduation, and all of them are five times more likely to experience post traumatic stress disorder than the entire general population.
     There is currently approximately 2600 youths in the Miami-Dade County foster care system, and we can help educate and inspire them to rise above the current barriers they face.

     We echo the message of Voices for Children, and strongly believe, no child should be abused, neglected, or forced to make decisions far beyond their years. As a community, it is our children we should ensure a haven for during the most difficult times in their lives. Through the many programs, offered by this organization, thousands of young children have received certified and volunteer Guardians Ad Litem (GAL) who advocate for the youths in court and ensure proper care until they are reunited with their families or find proper homes for a well-rounded upbringing. These GAL serve as mentors and voices for the children throughout this process; and through other programs the children are offered financial resources to allow them to acquire food, medical care, school supplies, tutoring, and more.

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