Community Involvement

     Local charitable organizations are an integral part of the community. Their involvement in community initiatives brings necessary resources  and attention to some of the largely forgotten needs of our neighbors and surroundings.  Although these organizations focus all of their attention towards issues in our backyards, they struggle with reaching locals who want to donate, but have committed their available resources to more popular, national, organizations. While the popularity of these National and Global organizations is well-deserved for the wonderful works they do, often times their popularity quiets the voice and hinders the reach of our local organizations; not allowing them to receive the attention they need to continue their services to our neighbors. 
     Michael and Matt have set out to create awareness for local philanthropy. Through their lifestyle brand, Love Hope, they have been able to raise awareness for the local organizations they are affiliating with, as well as travel to help with the relief efforts in Houston during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the Florida Key's devastating Hurricane Irma.
     On a more regular basis, from Love Hope, was created Love Hope Music; an outreach program bringing local musicians together to a platform for them to use their art to bring awareness to local initiatives. 

     Each cause is uniquely represented by a color, which is used as an accent on our items. All of the organizations that we affiliate with must use a minimum of 75% of donations towards the program and services they provide, and they must operate in Florida.